7 Best Animation Online Courses and Classes with Certification

Ever wondered how Disney Mickey Mouse, Donald, Popeye, Tom & Jerry look as if they exist? The animation is in films, video games, GiFs, motion graphics, and Information technology.

There are a lot of institutes offering animation courses in India. Being an educational hub, you will find the best animation classes in Pune. You can either opt for online or physical classes in animation courses in Pune.

Have a look at these seven best places for courses in animation for a fruitful career in thisindustry.

1. Arena Multimedia:It is the oldest institute-an arm of Aptech. It has its presence from twenty-three years in multimedia, animation and gaming courses. They have short term and long-term animation courses. It has courses on Animation, VFX, Gaming, web and graphics and multimedia. It has its base not only in Pune but also in many cities in the country. They have the facility of the classroom and onlinevarsity- the e-learning platform. www.arena-multimedia.com

2. Zee Institute of creative arts:ZICA is a part of the ESSEL Group. It has its presence in training and has been in the industry for the last seventeen years. It has 30 centres in 15 cities in India. It imparts training in classical 2D, 3D animation, VFX and Gaming. It offers BSc, Diploma and certification courses in 2d and #d animation, design and VFX. It has well-established VFX labs, 2d, 3d software and imaging technology. Their training centres give the best industry experience in the world of animation. -www.zica.org

3. Maac Institute: Is one of the leading institutes and a media and entertainment wing of Aptech. They have state-of-the-art designed courses in animation, gaming, visual effects and multimedia. They have a variety of short-term courses one can choose from. One can choose courses also from their onlinevarsity an on-the-go learning app.-https://www.maacindia.com/

4. Frame Box animation and visual effects: It is a ten-year-old institute with a vision of providing skilled professionals. They are one of the leading educational brands in the animation industry. They offer undergraduate, degree, and expert and specialized certification courses. They are into 3D, VFX, graphic design, photography, editing, gaming, and motion graphics. - www.frameboxx.in

5. PA Inamdar College of visual effects, design and arts:One of the biggest colleges offering courses in Pune. Veda has its presence since 2008 and is an ISO certified comprehensive institute. Designed for visual effects, designs. They offer Masters, Bachelors degree, diploma and certificate courses. Their courses are well designed to suit the animation industry. -www.veda-edu.com

6. Times & Trends Academy: They are one of the pioneers in the animation and VFX area and are a ten-year-old institute. Their twelve-month course is affiliated to Oxford city-UK and a BSc degree in animation. timesandtrendsacademy.com

7. Reliance Education:  Reliance Education has various courses in animation, VFX, and gaming. They also have short term courses in 2d animation. - www.relianceedu.com

Online Animation courses: Animation is a practical field but online tutors are offering animation courses. The best of them are animation mentor, animschool, iAnimate, nativepuppets.com. Udmey, Edx also offers some good courses on animation pune. You will have to choose the one that best suits you.

The animation industry is estimated to reach 2300 Cr. Mark by 2023. There is a throbbing demand for animators and creative artists. Make the best choice for a splendid career in the animation industry.